Providing Air Rifle Storage for Our Guests


Putting the guests comfort and security is always our number one priority. That’s the number key to keep them coming back and getting good reviews. We always wanted to make things easy and stress-free for them and to offer them the best service that they deserve.

That’s we do for everyone. No exception. During hunting season, guests carrying air rifles are coming to stay for days. In preparation for that, we already provided a conducive air rifle storage for guests like them. We truly understand the importance of keeping those rifle properly.

Rifle Storage

When it comes to air rifle, rules and safety regulations come with it. And we are all aware of that. That’s the main reason why we make sure that we provide the most appropriate storage area for our guest’s air rifles. Air rifles may not be as risky as the real ones, but having them around still have a small percentage of threat. And it might even put the other guests at risk at some point.

The storage that’s needed for air rifle should be properly built and secured. It requires a safe lock that only the person in charge can open. It’s strictly implemented that they can’t carry the rifle just anywhere around the area. They should stay inside the storage, not until they need to go out of the area for the hunt.  And that’s for everybody’s safety.

Safety and Protection

Safety and protection should always be on top on the priority list when we talk about air rifles, air guns, any kind of gun. If you need more information about the safety about air guns and rifles, the Pellet Gun Guru can give you tons of information about how to handle and carry them in the safest way possible.

Carrying and handling air rifles also requires permit in some cities. That’s the main reason why we make sure that you have the needed documents to begin with. We also require to get all the related information about the air rifle. One of the personnel was designated to make the proper inspection early on to make sure that everything is safe and secured.

Since our number priority is our guest’s safety and comfort, we wanted to make sure that everything is in place and organized. Caring for our guests and providing all their needs are always important to us. In the very best way that we can, we wanted to give the right kind of service that they need and they want. A simple negligence on our part may create a great mishap that would go out of hand.

Yet we always have one request to our guests. And that is to make sure to follow our rules and regulations. We need their cooperation in order for us to do our best to serve. In order for us to maintain the best and safest inn, we need everyone’s cooperation. That’s very important thing to consider especially if you are carrying an air rifle with you when checking in.



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