How we prevent bed bugs from entering our property

One of the most dreaded issues that hotels and bed & breakfasts have had to deal with in the recent time is bed bugs.  These little elusive bloodsuckers lie in the cracks of beds, just waiting for a warm body to supply the food they need.  Bed bugs will then crawl into a person´s skin to feed on their blood, leaving an itchy skin behind.


Obviously, this is not the kind of experience we provide to our guests.  Our commitment to a great customer experience does not allow us to admit one single bed bug in our premises.  These are some of the actions that we take to prevent these pests from entering our property.

We check mattresses on a daily basis

Every time there is room service, the ones in charge are advised to check on the corners of every bed.  Even when we do this, we have a day of the week in wich supervisors do the inspection themselves.  Prevention must begin from the inside, so we make sure that there is not one sign of any of these bugs inside.

Infestation starts from outside.  We cannot control guests coming in from another B&B or hotel and carrying bed bugs with them.  This is why a periodic intervention is necessary.

Bedrooms are always kept tidy

We take special care on the products that we use for cleaning.  A tidy room is one that will very unlikely grow bed bugs or any other pest.  We keep our quality control making sure that every bedroom is kept clean and tidy.   Sometimes a customer might want to spend the day in his room undisturbed.  Our focus goes into this bedroom the next time it is serviced since we need to be sure that there is no clutter.

Although bed bugs are not necessarily attracted to dirt, we still work with the standard.  Obviously, one our priorities will be the mattress.

Meticulous bed cloth washing

In order to guarantee that our bed cloth does not even have residues of any animal that might want to creep in, we do our laundry with hot water.  Hot temperature prevents the proliferation of these insects. Manual inspection is necessary but sometimes it is not enough.  We put our blankets in the highest possible temperature to be sure that any bug that we might have caught is neutralized.

We get professional help

To top all our efforts, we hire the best pest removal service.  Not only do they take as their job to eliminate pests but also to prevent them from proliferating.  Bed bugs multiply quickly, so we have these professionals make periodic revisions in our facilities.  It is well worth the investment as long as our customers can rest peacefully.

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