How marketing on social media increased our occupancy rates

Right when we thought that social media was just a game and that it actually did not work, we got slapped in the face and proved wrong.  Today we can testify that they are a great asset in your marketing strategy.  If you use them correctly and with proper education, they will make wonders on your strategy.

The Advantages of Using Social Media

We realized that they were several important advantages that social media actually offered.  One of them was that it is free.  Now, of course, there are some services on those sites that you could pay for.  But then, the investment was so small compared to the revenues.

These are some other advantages that we discovered with using social media:

  • It is targeted.  People love their social media more than you know.  This is like you enter their niche.  If you place relevant content for people to be engaged, your strategy will be swell.
  • Increased brand awareness.
  • We got more inbound traffic from people outside of our friends and family.
  • Search rankings improve.  Placing our company in Google my Business was pretty good.
  • Brand loyalty improved.
  • It is cost-effective.  As explained before, there are some social media actions that you pay for.  On Facebook, for instance, you get a price per click.  You can promote tweets on Twitter, and so on.  With a great planning, we managed to get great value for our money.

The Strategy

We learned that our first step was to establish a group of subscribers.  But in order to get these, we first needed to identify them and know what were their needs and how we were going to supply them.

We started off with listings of potential clients.  We got these through a poll we placed on Facebook, asking our followers there to answer a survey.  This survey really helped us get there, in the hear of our clients.

We refurbished our outdated website. The social media strategy revolved around getting more traffic ot our website.  More traffic meant more customers, which meant more sales.

Next, we moved on to the rest of social media to promote our services.  One of the things that we enjoyed the most were the ruffles on FB.  This really generated engagement with our audience.  We learned to create engaging posts, things that people would honestly react to.

We started to create videos to post on YouTube.  They were not really that expensive to make.  Once again, they were cost-effective.

The Results

More clients found us.  We saw traffic like we had never seen.  People started to respond to our calls to action.  As more people landed on our website and learned about our services, our occupancy rates increased.

We believe that this is a meteoric rise to the top and we are loving every bit of it.  If you want to land a solid social media program, Curve Vancouver can help you out.  They have a plan that is tailored just for you.

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