Why we invested in professional photography for our website

When we first started our website we wanted to start big.  Although we knew that you should probably start with baby steps, we wanted to not play it safe.  So we thought we could launch as big as you can.  We wanted to cement our reputation and get results as fast as our possibilities could let us.

We wanted to use our website as a marketing tool and we had learned how important visual content is.  So, we were presented with two options:  a highly economical one that involved buying template photos at prices as low as $1.99.  Geez, that sounded like a bargain, except that the pictures were not of our place.  They were pretty nice pictures but it did not feel real.

The second option we had was to hire the best real estate photography service.  This option was definitively not a dollar per picture but they WERE real.

Pros of using professional photography

So we obviously went for the second option.  Now we present to you what were the pros of using professional photography and why we went for that option:

  • When we asked our guests about what was the one thing that made them choose us, we were joyfully surprised to learn that an important amount thought the pictures were pretty high quality.  It is like the higher the quality of the picture, the higher the chances of completing a business with this guest.
  • Professional photography allows us to compete against the big ones.  They provide this sense of elegance and experience.  We would have never been able to get these results with templates.
  • Taking a professional photo of our staff was just a great idea.  People who visited our website confessed that they needed a face to be looking at.  You see, customers want to deal with real people, not robots.  So we believe this was a nice touch.
  • Legitimacy was a word that we are proud to own.  Our pictures are authentic and not deceiving.  Guests receive what they see, nothing less.

The results we saw

We obviously saw some interesting results.  Our clientele increased and we got positive opinions on our websites.

We felt we had a bigger commitment with our website.  It felt like a baby that we had to take care of.  We do not really sleep on our laurels.  We are constantly updating our website with the most amazing pictures.  Customers appreciate the quality of the pictures.

One last thing that we observed is that our pictures were shared on social media.  So, basically, we had our pictures being shared online.  Needless to say, this meant free publicity for us.

If you have a website yourself, do not doubt to invest in professional photography.  It will be one of the most important decisions for the sake of your business.

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