Bringing your dog on vacation: What you need to know

Most of us consider our pets as part of the family.  Therefore, we usually plan on bringing them with us during vacation.  This is actually a great plan since our pets deserve the same type of recreation we do.  If you are planning on bringing your dog on vacation, there are some considerations you must take into account, though, like how to travel long distance with a dog

Remember that, unlike children, dogs can become pretty unpredictable at any moment, so it is important that you keep them in check all the time.  Besides this, you must have some consideration for the other guests.  Not everyone is as fond of dogs as we are and some might even fear them.  We are concerned about the comfort of our guests, so there are some regulations that dog owners should abide by.

Some basic rules to observe

If this is your first time bringing your pet, there are some things that you should observe in order to make your pooch’s and your stay the best possible.

  1. If you are planning on leaving your dog inside the hotel room unattended, do not trust him, even if he is well trained.  Once again, pets can be unpredictable and who knows how he will feel if the cleaning lady comes in unannounced.  In this case, the least you can do is leave the “Do not Disturb” sign on the door.  If your dog is crate-trained and you were able to bring it, leave him inside.
  2. You are responsible for your dog and any damage he may cause.  If your dog poops in the carpets,  clean the area at the best of your ability and then alert the staff.  If he breaks anything or chews on a lamp cord, you are responsible for paying for that.
  3. Make your dog feel comfortable all the time.  Bring his blanket, his toys, and his regular food with you.  Not all dogs are as good travelers as you. Be prepared to any funny reaction of your pet.
  4. Speaking of food, vacations can be a good time for you to experiment new foods.  If you are coming from far, you might find our breakfast rather interesting.  Now, as an expert dog owner, you probably already know that your dog must have a consistent and regular diet.  This is no time to have your dog experiment with new foods.  You might cause digestive issues on your dog, probably causing him to have unexpected accidents.
  5. Even though you should make your dog feel comfortable, it is also a good idea to actually take him on vacation.  Take him out for a brisk walk around the hotel or the city.  Actually, make him feel that every time you take him out is actually to enjoy and not a visit to the vet.

If there is one dog breed that makes a great pet to take on vacation, this is a Labradoodle.  In casaDoodle, you will find responsible breeders that will make sure you get a purebred.  Take him with you on vacations and have your pooch enjoy family time outside the house too.


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